Exploring revolt rv400 price, range, colour options and so on

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Exploring revolt rv400 price, range, color options and so on

revolt rv400: Are you looking for information related to revolt tv400? If yes then I must say you are in the right place. I have covered some information such as revolt tv400 price, range, colour and so on in this article.

With no delay, let’s explore the revolt rv400 electric bike.

What is revolt rv400

The Revolt RV400 is an electric motorcycle created by Revolt Motors. Revolt motors is an Indian electric vehicle manufacturer. This innovative bike is known for its modern design, smart features and eco-friendly performance.

Revolt rv400 Price

The current price of Revolt rv400 ranges upto 1.5 lakhs. This price likely includes various advanced features. The price may vary depending on your location.

Revolt rv400 Range

Revolt RV400 has a mind blowing range. It is an excellent choice for daily travel. Revolt rv400 can travel upto 150 km on single charge. The bike features three riding modes. The riding modes include Eco, Normal, and Sport.

Revolt rv400 Colour Options

The Revolt RV400 electric bike is available in a variety of colour options. This allows riders to choose their favourite colour. The colour options are listed below.

  • Rebel Red
  • Cosmic black
  • Mist Grey
  • Stealth Black
  • Lightning Yellow
  • Dark Lunar Green
  • Dark Silver
  • Cosmic Black (BRZ)
  • Rebel Red (BRZ)
  • Pacific Blue

Revolt rv400 Features

The revolt rv400 is packed with advanced features. Its advanced features enhance the riding experience. I have listed some of the advanced features of Revolt rv400 below.

  • RV400 has a swappable battery system.
  • You can connect your smartphone to your bike with the Revolt app.
  • You can customise the bike sound through the app.
  • The bike consists regenerative braking technology.
  • The bike is fitted with LED lights for better visibility and safety.

These were some key features of Revolt rv400 electric bike.


This was the complete article figuring out Revolt rv400 price, range, features and so on.

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